6 Elements to Becoming a More Productive Writer


It’s hard to be a writer. I find that writers, myself included, are in a constant state of personal disappointment over their writing. For some strange reason, we writers – both new and veteran alike – have this misguided belief that anything and everything we write should be outstanding, worthy of a bestseller.

But because perfection is unattainable, we constantly seem to be engaged in a battle of self-doubt. We often sabotage our writing by doing things contrary to our goals and then feeling despair that the words are not perfect in the first draft.

Let me ask you – is there ANYTHING in your life that you were good at right off the bat? Were you an expert pianist the first time you sat at the keys? Could you run a marathon without ever having spent one second training or conditioning? Well if this is you Rainman, then don’t waste anymore of your super-human time reading any further. You’ve got Jeopardy to win. But, for the other 99.9% of you out there, the problem with your writing is not that you have no aptitude for it, but that you are probably approaching it incorrectly.

What follows are six elements that I have discovered which will help you to become a bit more productive the next time you sit down to write.

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Novel Revising: The Art of Letting Go

rewritingpic2“This just isn’t working.”

I had already suspected that my recent novel, one that I had been working on for the last six months, had a problem – or more specifically – problems. After spending hours and hours within the spaces of the story, I was concerned that I had lost my impartiality. So when I decided ask my editor her opinion on the subject, I was hoping for a very detached and frank perspective.

No, I wouldn’t have minded if she had said “You have an immediate bestseller and I’d want to buy it right now,” but that wasn’t the answer I received. Instead, what she told me loud and clear was that what I had managed to produce amounted to a big, hot mess.


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